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Kelsie Cosmic

Intuition Colour Magic Candle

Intuition Colour Magic Candle

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I'm over the moon to finally release these beauties into the universe! 

As you might already know by now, I LOVE colour! I use the power of the colour spectrum in my art to evoke certain energies and vibrations. Colour Magick is a part of many different magical traditions because we all have conscious and subconscious associations with different colours. I invite you to practise your own colour magic in your space with my new range of Colour Magic 7 Day Soy Candles.

The colour Purple holds vibrational energies of Astrology, Psychic Power, Spirituality, Imagination, Truth and Independence. The design features the moon, a strong symbol of intuition and cups, the suit of tarot closely related to spiritual realm. Intuitively illustrated and printed onto water & heat proof vinyl, this candle will be a vibrant light in your home to welcome in the vibrational energy of intuition to connect you to your higher self. 

As we all interpret colour differently, there may be other energies that arise when you use this candle. Trust your intuition and use this candle to connect to this vibrational energy. Set your intentions and manifest your dreams. 


5.5cm w x 20cm h


Unscented Soy wax

Care Instructions

Never leave a burning candle unattended

Processing times

Shipped with care from my studio in Melbourne. Please allow 2 business days for processing


All Items & Custom Illustrations are copyrighted and are strictly for Personal Use Only, If you would like a quote for Commercial or Extended Licence to my Illustrations please contact me for a quote.

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